Lynn Rissman

Ms. Rissman is well established as one of the leading figures in research coordination and facilitating.

For the past two decades she has provided solutions to seemingly impossible challenges and gained the respect of agencies, clients and peers in the industries. Her professional approach and command of minute details have helped her build an impressive roster of clients who depend on her for a total successful experience time after time. From massive car studies to last minute emergencies, Ms. Rissman is a proven hero in the Chicago research community.

Darcy Jesser

Ms. Jesser brings a fresh yet sharp eye to the Chicago research scene.

Building on her experience, growing up in the industry, Ms. Jesser has gained command of the technical, social, psychological and demanding physical details required to make today’s client comfortable and satisfied. From automotive to medical, from B2B to mock juries, Ms. Jesser’s intuitive knowledge of how to make studies work has gained her a reputation for competence and dependability. Ms. Jesser parlays her skills and education as a teacher into her performance as a facilitating professional, and in a few short years has become one of Chicago's leading research personalities.